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Okay, I'm over it. More specifically, over "you". I no longer give… - Illusionary Shadows of the Past [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[May. 21st, 2005|10:01 am]
Okay, I'm over it. More specifically, over "you".

I no longer give a shit about how you are, or what you do. You aren't that pesky, annoying thorn in my side any longer. It's about time I've ranted and raved and brought to light just exactly what kind of lying, sneaky, psycho saseko-wench-bitch you truly are.

The kind that hated me caring about anyone but you.

The kind that wanted my money at any cost.

The kind that used me for her own twisted pleasures.

The kind that whined and bitched and threw a fucking FIT if I wasn't devoting my complete attention to you.

The kind that goes psycho and fucking attempts suicide just to get her way.

The kind of bitch that I've always hated.

Lying.. no good.. psycho.. slut.

If I had one wish, I would wish you never slithered into my life.

You've tainted my mind with your slimy ways. I despise you. You nearly destroyed a friendship I had that I "truly" enjoyed.

Of course I'm talking about Yuki. You would always complain, "You always talk to that *Yuki*... You always take that *Yuki's* side... Seth, how can you even CARE about someone like that?!!?"

LIKE WHAT, SASEKO?! SOMEONE BETTER THAN YOU? .... He was and always will be better than you. I only hope I scarred and hurt you as much or more than you let on to me.

Yes, you would cry to me, "I'm so afraid, Seth! So afraid that I'm going to be left behind again.. like always!" ... Yeah, I trashed your ass and left you to die. If it wasn't for Yuki, I may have never realized your sneaky ways... and I can never be too thankful for having him in my life.

I would have never been happy living with you... living with you like you always tried forcing me into. "Come rescue me, Seth! Let's live together!" I hate you, Saseko. I always will. You would make anyone unhappy. You're a jealous bitch. You never trusted me for anything. And I was stupid enough to give you any amount of trust.

I know you read this, bitch. I'm glad for this. I want you to know my true feelings.

Yuki is better than you in every aspect. ...You will never measure up. Every relationship you get into is doomed to fail from the start because you're such a controlling bitch.

I hope you learn from this.